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Final Examination BMGT 339
Introduction to Federal Contracting
INSTRUCTIONS: There are three (3) sections to this examination.  Follow the directions for each section.  This is an open book, open notes exam.  You must paraphrase. You cannot copy and paste from the FAR or any other source.  This will result in zero points for the question …no exceptions.

Section 1:  Short Answer Essay Section (a minimum of 1 full paragraph, maximum of 2 paragraphs each question).  Answer both of the following questions for 5 points each (10 points total).
1.  Discuss the role(s) and importance of the federal government Acquisition Team.
2. With respect to the concept of a two-step sealed bid procurement, discuss the Responsiveness/ Responsibility Relationship.
Section 2:  Complete the following charts (5 points)
Based on Guidance from the FAR found in this section or subsection:

What FAR Part 52clause(s) should you insert in the contract?

FAR 10.003

FAR 14.201-7

FAR 15.209

FAR 16.206-4

FAR 43.205

Section 3:  Long Answer Essay Section (a minimum of 2 full paragraphs, maximum of 3 paragraphs each question).  Answer all 3 of the following questions for 5 points each (15 points total).

1.  Discuss the differences and similarities between Full and Open Competition, Full and Open Competition After Exclusion of Sources, and Other Than Full and Open Competition.
2.  Discuss the requirements for soliciting competition, evaluating quotes/offers, and making awards under Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP). 
3. Discuss the concept and characteristics associated with a Fixed-Price Incentive contract.

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