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Learning Activity #1:

Using your reading material and experience as a platform, create a list of five characteristics a leader must possess to be called a good leader in the 21 Century.

Make sure to select the traits or characteristics keeping in mind what will likely be important throughout the 21 Century. Explain why your five characteristics were selected.

Learning Activity #2

John Kotter, in his article, “What Leaders Really Do,” makes the following statement: “Managers promote stability, while leaders press for change, and only organizations that embrace both sides of the contradiction can thrive in turbulent times.”

Read the fact pattern of Studier International at the end of the chapter in Richard Daft’s book The Leadership Experience, found here:

Daft, Chapter One

Explain what you think Dean Adams should do in light of Kotter’s quote. Should he think like a manager or leader in making this decision, and why? Be sure to elucidate the ramifications of this decision by taking the different perspectives. Also, include in your comments the different solutions that may result from a leader’s perspective and that of the manager’s perspective.

(The more thoughtfully you consider this question, and answer it thoroughly, the better served you will be in future Learning Activities.)

Learning Activity #3

Click on the link below and fill out the chart to include the individual characteristics of a leader and manager in the categories named.

Leader v. Manager Chart

BMGT365 Week 2 Maryland

Organizational Structure


A leader’s job is to create a direction for the company to move forward. After setting the vision and mission for the company the leader must establish an organizational structure that promotes the vision. Various factors must be looked at in creating the structure. First and foremost is the purpose of the company or organization. What type of structure will best accomplish that goal? Certainly a company like UPS needs a somewhat rigid structure that is set up to focus on procedure and time sensitivity. Since UPS has as its goal to get the correct parcels to the right customers in the

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