Author: Joyce Buda


Briefly describe either your current job, a job you've held in the past, or a "made up" job. Now, make an argument either for or against labeling your "status" in this job as each of the following: "employee", "agent", and "independent contractor". Be sure to discuss specific features of your job that support your conclusion. Is it the case that a combination of two or more of these "statuses" applies to your job? Please explain.
John Thompson starts an auto repair business. He incorporates the business and is its only shareholder. Please provide additional facts to the scenario which could lead to a situation in which a court would "pierce the corporate veil". Your answer should demonstrate your understanding of this concept.
American Ingenuity, Inc. (AI), invents, develops, and distributes a new snowboard. In addition, AI creates a 10-page pamphlet which tells about the history of snowboarding. This pamphlet is sold with the snowboard.
Best Copy, Inc. (BC) buys an AI snowboard, analyzes it, and produces and sells a "clone" of the product under the BC name.  When selling their snowboards, BC includes a 10-page pamphlet with the identical text as AI's.
AI files a suit against BC, alleging violations of intellectual property law. Please explain thoroughly whether or not AI will prevail with respect to the copied snowboard and pamphlet and why.
Regina is a limited partner and Scott is a general partner of Total Financial Management, a limited partnership.  Scott manages the firm. Regina has some expertise in the area and believes that she could do a better job that Scott at managing, but she abstains from becoming actively involved. What would you advise Regina?  Should she become actively involved in managing the business? Why or why not?
Marco works at Stella's Pizzaria.  His job is to deliver pizzas.
Specifically describe a situation in which Marco commits a tort for which Stella's Pizzaria would be liable. Now, specifically describe a situation in which Marco commits a tort for which Stella's Pizzariawould not be liable.  

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