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Author: Rodric Johnson
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Projected milestone due dates...

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Milestone 1: Writing Boccer Project Overview

This is an abbreviated explanation about the overall goal of the project and expectations from the students.

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Milestone 2: Technology

Students will be tasked with locating and embedding links to Boccer video demonstrations/exhibitions to faciliate learning of the sports concept and execution.

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Milestone 3: Reading/Research Boccer Lesson Plan

Here is a simple sample lesson plan for the Boccer unit.

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Milestone 4: Math

Students are tasked with calculating the target heart range of four (4) individuals: one (1) classmate and one (1) individual from each training category: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

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Milestone 5: Science

Newton's first law of motion states that a body in motion or at rest remains in motion or at rest unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force.

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Milestone 6: Art

Boccer Advertisement: A simple advertisement about Boccer being taught at a nearby middle school...

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Milestone 7: Service Learning

My students will be teaching the sport of Boccer over two (2) days to physical education classes at a nearby middle school. This is a brief description of that service.

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Milestone 8: WebQuest

Students who will not attend the service learning project will be required to complete a WebQuest about the sport of Boccer.

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Milestone 9: Field Trip

Since our trip to Gholson Middle School is relatively short, we will need the school buses for only three (3) hours. The hourly rate is $70.35; that brings our grand total to $211.05 for this trip.

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Milestone 10: Writing

Reflective Writing: students will be tasked with transferring their thoughts and opinions about Boccer as a sport and as temporary teachers.

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Milestone 11: A simple essay rubric

Reflective Writing: students will be tasked with transferring their thoughts and opinions about Boccer as a sport and as temporary teachers. Attached is the rubric that will be used to score their constructed responses.

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