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Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water

Author: Blanca Sanchez - Palomares

Standard: ESS2.B: Plate Tectonics and Large-Scale System Interactions: Maps show where things are located. One can map the shapes and kinds of land and water in any area. 

After this lesson, the students will have a better understanding of some of the different types of bodies of water. They will be able to utilize the information given to them to write a paragraph of the body of water that they liked the most and why. 

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Water Bodies of Earth

Source: “The Water Bodies |The Dr. Binocs Show| Educational Videos For Kids.” YouTube, Peekaboo Kidz, May 6, 2015,

Types of Water Bodies and their Characteristics

Read about oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers to learn about each of them and their characteristics. Use the image as a guide. 

Source: “Map Of Landforms In the Us Physical Features Landforms and Bo S Water On Physical Map.” Free Web Page Hit Counter,

Use the following image to answer the multiple choice question.

Source: “Mammoth Lakes Trail System.” Mammoth Lakes Trail System | Hot Creek,

What is your favorite body or water? Why is it your favorite body of water? Make sure to give me at least three characteristics.

Instructions: You will take out your Science Journal’s to answer the questions in paragraph form. Make sure to watch the video and read the website that I have provided for you. Use the graphic organizer and don’t forget to write your name and put the date.