Body Paragraphs and Conclusions 3.4

Body Paragraphs and Conclusions 3.4

Author: Nichole Carter

In tonight's tutorial you will learn about:

1. How to expand your sentences with detail and description to create a full body in an essay.

2. How to effectively use transitions in essays.

3. The components of a conclusion, and how it should mimic some of the pieces of an intro.

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  1. Watch the video and take notes

  2. Write a summary and HOT question


If you haven't already downloaded the guided notes click here! 

Video file instead of youtube for tonight's homework!

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Body Paragraphs and Conclusions

Learn the basics of body paragraph building, and use of transitions as well as the construction of a conclusion paragraph compared to an intro.

Source: Created by Nichole Carter using prezi, and screencastomatic.com

Prezi for the Video

Additional Websites and Resources

Source: Websites: UTEP and UNC