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Body Parts

Body Parts

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Identify various parts of the human body in Spanish.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn the terminology for different body parts in Spanish so that you can discuss symptoms with patients. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Las Partes Del Cuerpo (Body Parts)

1. Las Partes Del Cuerpo (Body Parts)

There are times when patients may speak of parts of the body where they are experiencing pain or discomfort in order to seek your advice about the proper over-the-counter (OTC) medicine to take. Later, you will learn how to ask which parts hurt, for how long, and what symptoms the patient has. For now, concentrate strictly on the anatomy.

did you know
Since most medical terminology comes from Latin, and almost all of Spanish comes from Latin as well, many of the pharmacy-specific Spanish words you will learn look and sound like the English words.

This section will be presented so that the Spanish words are in alphabetical order, since patients will be telling you which parts are causing them problems. This way, you can find the English meaning more quickly.

To make these parts plural, simply add and "s" (or an "es" if the word ends in a consonant).

English Spanish Pronunciation
abdomen el abdomen ale ab-doe-main
tonsils las amígdalas lahs ah-meeg-dah-lahs
anus el ano ale ah-no
mouth la boca la boh-kah
arm el brazo ale bra-so
head la cabeza la kah-bay-sah
hip la cadera la kah-day-rah
face la cara la kah-rah
elbow el codo ale koh-doe
heart el corazón ale koh-rah-soan
rib la costilla la koh-stee-yah
neck el cuello ale k'way-yo
scalp el cuero cabelludo ale k'way-row kah-bay-you-doe
finger el dedo ale day-doe
toe el dedo del pie ale day-doe dale pee-ay
tooth el diente ale dee-ain-tay
gums las encías lahs ain-see-ahs
back la espalda la ace-pall-dah
shin la espinilla (de la pierna) la ace-pee-nee-ya (day la pee-air-nah)
stomach el estómago ale ace-toe-ma-go
forehead la frente la frain-tay
throat la garganta la gar-gahn-tah
liver el hígado ale ee-gah-doe
shoulder el hombro ale oam-bro
groin la ingle lah een-glay
lip el labio ale la-bee-oh
tongue la lengua la lane-g'wah
hand la mano la mah-no
cheek(s) la(s) mejilla(s) la(hs) may-he-yahs
molar la muela la m'way-lah
wrist la muñeca la moon-yay-kah
thigh el muslo ale moose-lo
buttocks las nalgas
las posaderas
las asentaderas
lahs nall-gahs
lahs poe-sah-day-rahs
lahs ah-sane-tah-day-rahs)
nose la nariz la nah-reece
nostrils las narices lahs nah-reece-sace
inner ear el oído ale oh-ee-doe
eye(s) el(los) ojo(s) ale oh-ho
outer ear la oreja la oh-ray-ha
calf la pantorrilla la pahn-toe-ree-yah
chest el pecho ale pay-choh
penis el pene ale pay-nay
foot el pie ale pee-ay
skin la piel la pee-ale
leg la pierna la pee-air-nah
lung el pulmón / los pulmones ale pool-moan / lohs pool-moe-nace
rectum el recto ale rake-toe
kidney el riñón ale reen-yone
knee la rodilla la row-dee-yah
breast(s) el/los seno(s)
la(s) mama(s)
la(s) teta(s)
ale/lohs say-no(hs)
la(hs) mah-mah(s)
la(hs) tay-tahs
testicles los testículos lohs tace-tee-koo-lohs
ankle el tobillo ale toe-be-yo
urethra la uretra la oo-ray-trah
vagina la vagina la bah-he-nah
bladder la vejiga la bay-he-gah
abdomen (lower) el vientre ale be-ain-tray

In this lesson, you learned about how to say different body parts in Spanish. This vocabulary provides an important foundation, as the later lessons in this course will teach you how to discuss different types of medication and symptoms. These lessons are meant to be very comprehensive so that you can use them as a reference in your profession.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish by Stephanie Langston.