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Bony Anatomy of the Ankle and Foot

Bony Anatomy of the Ankle and Foot

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know the bones of the ankle (tarsals)

- know the differences between the metatarsals and phalanges

- compare and contrast to the wrist

This packet goes over the various bones of the ankle and foot

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Many of the concepts of the carpals carry over to the tarsals. Like the wrist there are a series of smaller flexible bones (tarsals) that form the ankle. Then there are bones called metatarsals and then phalanges. There are seven total tarsal bones and remember that the one that actually articulates with the tibia and fibula is talus. The digits are also numbered similarly from 1-5 (largest to smallest)

Source: Mind of Aaron

Bony Anatomy of the Ankle

This video covers the anatomy of the ankle and foot

Source: Self made with Netter

Bony Anatomy of the Ankle

Source: Self made