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BOS 3301 Unit VIII Research Paper

BOS 3301 Unit VIII Research Paper

Author: l marshall

Unit VIII Research Paper
A Research Paper is being required in lieu of a final examination and covers topics that have been presented during the course. Prepare a Research Paper from the topic belowResearch a major terrorism incident involving use of a vehicle as a weapon (within the last three years) anywhere in the world and describe what specific measures could have been taken to prevent the incident or to lessen its impact. BOS 3301, Fleet Safety 3The paper should be at least six to eight pages in length, be written using APA format and have the following elements: • Cover sheet • Introduction • Description of accident • Specific measures or factors listed that were not followed or led up to the accident • Recommendations as to what specifically could have been done to prevent or reduce damage from the accident/incident • A conclusion section giving a summary to support your views/ideas Note: If you use an accident that has been fully investigated by an agency of the government and you utilize their recommendations, you must explain why you feel each of these recommendations are valid and how you feel that they could be put into place.

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