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BOS 3401 Unit 1 Assessment

BOS 3401 Unit 1 Assessment

Author: l marshall

Question 1.
State and describe the “three Es of safety,” and explain their roles in early safety and health programs.
Question 2.
Identify four examples of forces that have been influential in changing the nature of the construction industry. Provide examples of each and explain their impact in detail. 
Question 3.
Explain how workplace tragedies have affected the safety movement. What circumstances led to the development of the first organized safety program?
Question 4.
State the major players that make up the safety and health team of a construction company, and explain the roles of each person in the safety and health plan.
Question 5.
State and describe at least four to five examples of milestones affecting the safety movement, from the 1800s until present. How has the role of organized labor played a significant role in the safety movement?

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