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BOS 3401 Unit II Assessment

BOS 3401 Unit II Assessment

Author: l marshall

Question 1
Compare and contrast the Human Factors Theory in Practice with the Accident/Incident Theory in Practice. Explain ways that a safety system can fail, thereby contributing to these theories.
Question 2
How does today’s rate of accidental work deaths compare with the rates of the early 1900s? What are the five leading causes of deaths on work sites today?
Question 3
Every area of the body is prone to injury but some regions of the body are more prone than others. The body areas prone to injury from most frequent to least include the back, legs and fingers, arms, trunk, hands, eyes, head and feet hands, anterior torso and the legs (Goetsch, 2010 pg. 15).  This is because the areas such as the back, legs and fingers and arms are more exposed and frequently used. 
Question 4
Heinrich summarized what he thought health and safety decision makers should know about accidents. Identify his 10 Axioms of Industrial Safety. Compare these 10 ideas to his Domino Theory. Explain your answer.
Question 5
What are the five factors that workers should consider before beginning the process of collecting information in order to make a decision? Explain how you think pondering these factors can assist a worker in making an informed decision while on the job. How do stressors cloud the judgment of someone making decisions on-site?

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