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BOS 3401 Unit VI Assessment

BOS 3401 Unit VI Assessment

Author: l marshall

Question 1
 Compare and contrast the following hazard analysis methods:
a. failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA),
b. hazard and operability review (HAZOP),
c. human error analysis (HEA),
d. fault tree analysis (FTA), and
e. technic of operations review (TOR).
Question 2
Describe the purpose of a preliminary hazard analysis. How is expertise beneficial when conducting this type of analysis? Why is cost-benefit analysis such a critical part of hazard analysis and prevention? Explain your answer.
Question 3
What are some examples of hazard control methods that are recommended in hazard prevention and reduction techniques? Do you feel that some of these methods are more important to use than others? Which hazard control methods do you believe reduces the possibility of a future hazard? Explain your answer.
Question 4
Explain the steps for conducting an accident investigation. What are the terms that should guide an accident investigation? What are some important things to remember while conducting and accident investigation?
Question 5
When conducting a detailed analysis, explain the method technic of operations review. Explain how it allows both supervisors and employees to work together to analyze workplace accidents, failures, and incidents. Is this a successful method? What are some of the weaknesses of using the technic operations review?

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