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BOS 3401 Unit VII Assessment

BOS 3401 Unit VII Assessment

Author: l marshall

Question 1
Define the differences between conflict management and anger management. How would you use each in order to help employees in a disagreement come to a successful resolution? Explain.
Question 2
Explain the elements of the OSHA guidelines regarding workplace violence that can be adapted for use in construction companies. Choose a few of the elements and explain them in detail. Provide examples of using them at a construction work site.
Question 3
Explain the philosophy of Crime Reduction through Environmental Design (CRTED). How can one go about using the risk reduction strategies from this philosophy to help facilitate the prevention of workplace violence?
Question 4
How is the employer liable for workplace violence? Define the exclusivity provision, and analyze how this provision helps protect the employer from civil lawsuits that are associated with workplace violence?
Question 5
What are some factors that are associated with violence? What environmental factors help contribute to violence and when brought to the workplace, how are these factors dealt with? Provide some examples where violence has crossed over into the workplace. Explain your

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