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BOS 3401 Unit VIII Assessment

BOS 3401 Unit VIII Assessment

Author: l marshall

Question 1
Identify innovative methods that are used by companies in order to keep their workers safe and healthy. How are these methods useful in the construction industry? Explain your answer.
Question 2
Describe the essential components of an emergency action plan. How can a company develop plans to ensure that their emergency action plan is location-specific? Why is this important in planning for an emergency response?
Question 3
Provide a descriptive example of a workplace emergency. Define how your company’s Employee Assistance Program might respond to the emergency. How might your company respond to the trauma that is the result of an emergency on the job site?
Question 4
Define the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act. What are the four major components of this Act? How does this law provide the community with the knowledge to respond to an emergency?

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