Author: Christine Farr


The OSHA Hazcom program provides for which of the following?

OSHA has tried three new approaches to the bottleneck of promulgating new health standards. Those three approaches are which one of the following?

All of the following are exempt under the Act except which group?

Which of the following is true regarding OSHA's standard on Ergonomics? (Go to the osha.gov website and search for ergonomics: enforcement to search for Ergonomics: Enforcement FAQ page)

All of the following are considered types of penalty findings under the OSH Act except which one?

What is negotiated rulemaking?

In which case did the Supreme Court rule that workers have the right to refuse to work in the face of serious injury or death?

Which of the following is a correct match between subpart and regulated material?

What was enacted to minimize the regulatory burden on small businesses by requiring agencies to consider the impact of any rulemaking on small entities that, based on their size, may not have the ability to absorb the costs of regulations in the same manner as larger companies that benefit from the economy of scale?

Temporary and Permanent variances of the OSH Act can be issued under what section?

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