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BOS 3525 Unit I Assessment

BOS 3525 Unit I Assessment

Author: l marshall

What is negotiated rulemaking
All of the following are exempt under the Act except which group?
What was enacted to minimize the regulatory burden on small businesses by requiring agencies to consider the impact of any rulemaking on small entities that, based on their size, may not have the ability to absorb the costs of regulations in the same manner as larger companies that benefit from the economy of scale?
The OSHA Hazcom program provides for which of the following?
Which of the following is a false statement?
Which of the following is a false statement regarding Standard Setting?
Which of the following is a correct match between subpart and regulated material?
All of the following are distinct differences between OSHA and EPA except:
Which of the following is a false statement?
Which of the following is not true regarding the Hazard Communication Standard?
OSHA has a Strategic Management Plan for 2003-2008. Briefly summarize that plan and comment on its new goals and the criteria used for target industries. Have any of the new goals from this plan had, or will they have, an effect on your workplace? Explain and give an example. (
Describe State Plans and discuss what must be demonstrated by the states, including the process, to be an approved OSHA State Plan.

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