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BOS 3525 Unit II Assessment

BOS 3525 Unit II Assessment

Author: l marshall

Who bears the burden of proof on a "de minimis" issue (violation)?
All of the following are industry specific "parts" in Title 29 CFR except which one?
Which of the following is not a true statement?
What is the new name of the OSHA summary and Log Form and Incident Report Form under the new recordkeeping regulations after January 1, 2002?
All of the following exceptions to presumption of a work relationship exist under the new 2002 regulations, causing a significant aggravation of a pre-existing condition workplace event or exposure, thereby making the case work-related except which one?
Even if industry or specific employer recognition cannot be established, recognition can nonetheless be demonstrated if the hazard is deemed to be ______.
Which of the following is false concerning the employer's substantive affirmative defenses?
Which of the following is not a part of the new 2002 Recordkeeping regulations regarding employee involvement?
The preemption principle applies to _______.
The D.C. Court of Appeals formulated a test for determining whether the general duty clause of the OSH Act has been violated in which case?
Define and discuss the defenses that an employer may raise to a citation. Give some examples of case law in your response.
Explain and discuss how the 2002 recordkeeping rules affect issues dealing with specific disorders and other issues (i.e. privacy, access, fatalities, etc.).

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