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BOS 3525 Unit III Assessment III

BOS 3525 Unit III Assessment III

Author: l marshall

Which of the following is not true regarding The HAZCOM Standard?
The principal purpose of the NLRA is to encourage the resolution of workplace disputes through collective bargaining. There are two sections that provide protection, under certain circumstances, to employees who refuse to perform unsafe work. What are they?
Section 7 of the NLRA is most often applied to protect union organizational efforts; it also prohibits an employer from what action, and was tested under what "seminal" case?
A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) under GHS will need to provide all of the following information except which one?
What is the effort by the U.S. and other countries to promote common, consistent criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, physical, and environmental hazards?
Employers may challenge any adverse citation, civil penalty, or abatement order by filing a ________ with the Commission within ____business days of the receipt of the violation.
In addition to statutory protections, many state courts recognize what type of action for wrongful discharge based on a "public policy" exception to the doctrine of employment at will?
Under certain circumstances, employers can request OSHA protect proprietary and sensitive business information that they submit to the agency. What case found that an employer could demand that OSHA obtain a subpoena or warrant before providing access to records?
Which of the following is not true?
What section of the OSH Act prohibits discrimination against an employee because he or she has taken part in any legal proceeding brought under the OSH Act?
Describe and discuss the employee rights under the OSH Act and its implementing regulations.
Summarize the federal statutes that protect an employee, under certain circumstances, from being discharged or disciplined for refusing to perform an assigned task.

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