Author: Christine Farr


All of the following are ways for the employer to attempt to challenge a warrant in federal court (after a compliance officer arrives at the workplace already armed with the warrant) except which one?

OSHA's authority to inspect workplaces is set forth in what section of the Act?

Which of the following is not true regarding the attorney/client privilege?

OSHA's self-audit policy:

All of the following factors are used to determine if the common law audit attorney/client privilege exists except which one?

What types of situations are given the highest priority for inspections?

In what case did the Supreme Court hold that "the businessman, like the occupant of a residence, has a constitutional right to go about his business free from unreasonable official entries upon his private commercial property"?

When OSHA requests a court to issue a warrant, it must establish what to justify the search?

Which of the following statements is false?

The "opening conference" is characterized by all of the following except which one?

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