Author: Christine Farr


Which of the following is true regarding Federal Prosecution under the OSHA Act?

If a citation is determined by OSHA to be for a serious violation, penalties can be assessed for up to what amount singly or for each violation?

All of the following are characteristics of the OSHA citation except which one?

Which of the following is not true regarding judicial review of enforcement actions?

What section of the OSH Act provides that any party adversely affected by an OSHA standard may seek pre-enforcement judicial review by filing a petition prior to 60 days after promulgation of the final rule?

In what case did the court overturn a Commission decision on grounds that the decision was speculative and not supported by substantial evidence in the record?

Which of the following is not a standard citation for an OSHA violation?

If a settlement agreement cannot be reached with the OSHA Area Director, a Notice of Contest of the citation or penalty must be filed with the Secretary of Labor within what period of time to preserve any right to challenge the citation?

Under the Administrative Procedure Act, in addition to the "abuse of discretion" and "arbitrary and capricious" standards of review, a court can also overturn a decision on grounds that it is ____________.

If an employer has a written safety and health program, covering all of the OSHA-required programs and has "effectively implemented" that program, OSHA may reduce the proposed penalty for a violation by 25% under what basis?

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