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BOS 3525 Unit VI Assessment

BOS 3525 Unit VI Assessment

Author: l marshall

A violation can be characterized as ________, meaning that it has "no direct or immediate relationship to safety or health."
In what case did the court overturn a Commission decision on grounds that the decision was speculative and not supported by substantial evidence in the record?
All of the following are characteristics of the OSHA citation except which one?
In the OSHA area, the applicability of criminal charges is restricted to narrow circumstances. Which of the following is not one of those circumstances?
Which section of the OSH Act states that final Commission orders may be appealed in the U.S. circuit courts of appeal?
If a citation is determined by OSHA to be for a serious violation, penalties can be assessed for up to what amount singly or for each violation?
What is it known as when OSHA issues a separate citation for each instance of a violation?
If a settlement agreement cannot be reached with the OSHA Area Director, a Notice of Contest of the citation or penalty must be filed with the Secretary of Labor within what period of time to preserve any right to challenge the citation?
What is it that EPA and OSHA have entered into that allows the two agencies to work together to enforce both environmental and health and safety regulations in the workplace?
Under what section of the OSH Act authorizes the Secretary of Labor to seek judicial review of a final Commission order [29 U.S.C. § 660(b)] ?
What are the important findings in Austin Road Co. v. OSHRC and Builders Steel Co. v. Marshall?
Discuss and assess the potential for multiplied penalties for egregious violations.

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