Author: Christine Farr


Which federal agencies have the authority to conduct workplace inspections and issue citations when imminent dangers are identified?

What, by definition, can exist where there is a reasonable certainty that a workplace hazard, practice, or danger exists that can be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately?

What Section of the OSH Act requires a state to submit a plan to OSHA if the state desires to assume responsibility for the development and enforcement of standards "relating to" any occupational safety or health issue, with respect to which a federal standard has been issued?

The OSH Act also provides relief for employees if the government does not _____.

Imminent danger cases can be characterized by all of the following except which one?

To secure a warrant in an imminent danger inspection, the Administration must set forth all the following, except which one?

Which of the following is not true regarding state plans?

In what case did the Supreme Court hold that the OSH Act and HAZWOPER preempt a state occupational safety and health law, even though the state law purports to a "dual" purpose or impact (protecting public as well as worker safety and health)?

How long do states have after promulgation of a new federal standard to adopt an equivalent standard under their own rules (reference www.osha.gov website)?

What case generally found that an employer is not required to pay for the time an employee refuses to work if they believe in good faith that they are exposed to an imminent danger?

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