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BOS 3525 Unit VII Assessment

BOS 3525 Unit VII Assessment

Author: l marshall

What, by definition, can exist where there is a reasonable certainty that a workplace hazard, practice, or danger exists that can be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately?
The OSHA inspector has significantly more authority than the MSHA inspector to take immediate action without first seeking court approval when threatened with an imminent danger situation.

Imminent danger cases can be characterized by all of the following except which one?
Which federal agencies have the authority to conduct workplace inspections and issue citations when imminent dangers are identified?
Under what section of the Mine Act can a mine inspector shut down an entire mining operation if he identifies a hazardous condition that constitutes an imminent danger in a mine?
For other-than-serious violations, the penalty can be __________.
In what case did the Supreme Court hold that the OSH Act and HAZWOPER preempt a state occupational safety and health law, even though the state law purports to a "dual" purpose or impact (protecting public as well as worker safety and health)?
Congress included provisions in the OSH Act permitting states to do all of the following except which one?
What Section of the OSH Act requires a state to submit a plan to OSHA if the state desires to assume responsibility for the development and enforcement of standards "relating to" any occupational safety or health issue, with respect to which a federal standard has been issued?
MSHA inspectors can do all of the following except which one?
Define "imminent dangers" and discuss OSHA inspections related to these potential events and how they might differ from a routine inspection.
List and discuss five important criteria that a state must meet in order to be approved by OSHA for safety- and health-related responsibility.

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