BOS 4025 Unit VIII Case Study

BOS 4025 Unit VIII Case Study

Author: Patricia Rhone

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Read the background information and scenario description in sections I and II, then answer the questions in section III. Besure you read the complete directions for preparing your case study.BOS 4025, OSHA Standards 3I. Background: OSHA Standards and Bubba’s Materials Handling Equipment, Inc.Bubba’s Materials Handling Equipment is a small corporation that employs between 38 and 55 employees throughout anygiven year. This firm manufactures materials handling equipment that includes small cantilever racks; hand trucks, somespecially designed for moving 55-gallon drums; and various dollies commonly used in the manufacturing sector. Thefacility was built in 1958 and is roughly 80,000 square feet. The firm receives raw materials in the form of round metaltubing, sheet metal, square tubing, and cold and hot rolled metal rods.Raw materials are removed from flatbed trailers using a large LP-gas-powered forklift with the assistance of smaller LPgas-poweredforklifts. These materials are stored in racks in the receiving department. From there, raw materials aremoved via forklift and various heavy duty carts to the fabrication department. This department cuts, punches, bends,copes, and shears the various materials into parts used to make the final product.The metal fabrication equipment includes two iron workers, two 70-ton part revolution mechanical power punch presses,three 250-ton part revolution press brakes, a 300-ton hydraulic press, two pipe benders, a 12-foot shear, a 10-foot shear,a mill for milling a bevel on hand truck toe plates, several off-hand grinders, and two large drill presses. The fabricationdepartment can get quite noisy for days at a time (>85dBa), especially when making cantilever racks. Two maintenanceemployees keep these machines running. After being cut, punched, bent, and formed, fabricated parts go to the weldingdepartment or the Work in Process (WIP) crib. WIP includes a mezzanine and an area populated with pallet racks forstorage.In the welding department, there are 12 MIG welding machines that are used by welders to assemble the parts into thepre-finished items manufactured by the firm. The welders also use an assortment of hand-held grinders and anoxyacetylene torch. Once welded, items either go in their pre-finished condition into inventory or are further processed bythe painting department. Pre-finished items that are inventoried are taken to one of two mezzanines or placed in storageracks. In the painting department, items are wiped down with various solvents and hung on an overhead hook conveyor.Items go into the paint booth where they are painted using various enamels. Xylenes and toluene are common solventsused in this operation. The paints also contain these solvents.

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