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Bowel Preparation

Bowel Preparation



สำหรับการเตรียมลำไส้ โดยผ่าน แบบทดสอบ ร้อยละ 80

•เพื่อให้ผู้เข้ารับการอบรมสามารถอธิบาย หรือแสดงการให้



•The ultimate goal of bowel preparation is to empty and cleanse the

bowel for a diagnostic procedure (using x rays to detect a disease process in the intestines) or for surgical intervention (such as removal of polyps, cancer, or narrowing of the intestinal diameter). Colonoscopy is an effective treatment procedure for polyps (a growing mass of tissue).  A sigmoidoscopy scope is a flexible tube that allows clinicians to view the sigmoid colon (the part of the large intestine before the rectum). This procedure is important for detection of colorectal cancer. It is safe, quick to perform (usually 15-20 minutes in about 90% of cases).

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Bowel preparation is a procedure usually undertaken before a
diagnostic procedure or treatment can be initiated for certain colorectal diseases. Bowel preparation is a cleansing of the intestines from fecal matter and secretions.

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