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Branches of Ethics

Branches of Ethics

Author: Glenn Kuehn

In this lesson, students will distinguish between the various branches of ethics.

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Source: Image of Socrates, Creative Commons, http://bit.ly/29ZntMM

Notes on “Branches of Ethics”

(00:00 – 00:15) Introduction

(00:16 – 00:29) Things to Keep in Mind

(00:30 – 00:49) Content of Tutorial

(00:50 – 01:24) Key Terms

(01:25 – 04:28) Branches of Ethics with Examples

(04:29 – 05:42) Sample Situation and Considerations

(05:43 – 06:09) Summary

  • Metaethics

    The branch of ethics that analyzes the nature of value-based discourse

  • Normative Ethics

    The branch of ethics that analyzes which actions are right and wrong

  • Descriptive Ethics

    The branch of ethics that analyzes people's beliefs about value

  • Applied Ethics

    The branch of ethics that uses normative ethical theories to evaluate and prescribe actions in specific situations and contexts