Branches of Government

Branches of Government

Author: Tara Brown

At the end of this lesson, students should be able to name the three branches of the US government and describe each branch's role.

Information on the three branches of government.

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This is a brief introduction to the three branches of the US government. Your goal is to be able to name the three different branches and give a brief summary of each. 

Take notes! You can either draw a graphic organizer in your notebook (there are several that could work here, including a web or a matrix), or you could make a foldable (fold a piece of paper in half and cut so you have three pieces to fold back).

When you have finished, be sure to take the quiz. Remember, this is a brief introduction! This is not everything you should know about the government!


Example of a foldable:

Example of a f

Scholastic Article

Here is an article from Scholastic about the United States Government!

Source: scholastic

Flocabulary: Three Branches of Government

Source: Flocabulary

Kids.gov Graphic

3 Branches of Government Graphic

Source: kids.gov

Branches Graphic 2

Branches Graphic 2