Bringing life to verbs

Bringing life to verbs

Author: sharon adams

Students will be able to recognize adverbs in a sentence.

Students will be able to use adverbs in writing to bring life to their stories.

Students will write a paragraph using as many adverbs as they can correctly about a time at the park.


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Averb animmation

Verb come to life.

Adverbs bring verbs to life.  They can tell us when, where, how and to what extent.  An example would be that, "The boy ran slowly down the street."  Slowly tells us how the boy ran.  Slowly is the adverb.  Another example would be  "The dog barked loudly all night."  How did the dog bark?  Loudly is the adverb it tells us how the dog barked.

Students will look at pictures and write down as many adverbs as they can to describe how the children are doing different activities.

Students will have an adverb bingo card.  While the teacher reads a short story that has many adverbs in it the students will listen for the bingo words and mark them as the teachers says them.