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BSA 411 Week 3 Individual: Design Classes (A+ Work)

BSA 411 Week 3 Individual: Design Classes (A+ Work)

Author: l marshall

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Review Ch. 11, “Requirements Modeling: Behavior, Patterns, and Web/Mobile Apps,” ofSoftware Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach.
Review Ch. 12, “Design Concepts,” of Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach
Using Microsoft® Visio®, create a 1-page UML-based diagram that depicts the process flow for at least four design classes based on the user stories created in Week Two.
Write a 1-page narrative explaining your UML-based diagram, including:
A description of the processing flow within a specific scenario
A description of the static view of the process
A description of the functionalities/attributes included in the process
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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