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BSCOM 234 WEEK 4 Managing Relationships PowerPoint

BSCOM 234 WEEK 4 Managing Relationships PowerPoint

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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BSCOM 234 WEEK 4 Managing Relationships PowerPoint


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BSCOM 234 WEEK 4 Managing Relationships PowerPoint

Create a 10-to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you analyze a current or past relationship (personal or professional) and create a strategy for managing it. Limit each slide to key words/phrases only (do not use complete sentences). Use the notes section by writing what you would say if you were presenting in person (a manuscript).  Be sure EACH slide’s notes section (excluding title and referene pages, of course) is supported with citaitons and references to the textbook and/or your readings or you will lose points!

Explain the basic facts of the relationship by answering the following questions:

With whom did you have/do you have the relationship?

How long did you know/have you known this person?

At what developmental stage was/is the relationship in? How did it develop?

Explain one factor that led to a short-term relationship and one that led to a long-term relationship (attraction).

Identify which type of power relationship (competitive, parallel, etc.) you have and what types of power (reward, coercive, etc.)are commonly exercised.

Explain the importance of attraction and power in the relationship.

Identify at least one area in which the relationship could have been or may be improved (use your textbook to identify strategies).

You must utlize your textbook when addressing these requirements. Be sure to include an introduction slide that previews the presentation as well as a reference slide. Title and Reference slides will NOT count toward the requirement.

BSCOM 234 WEEK 4 Managing Relationships PowerPoint