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BSHS 452 WEEK 3 Worksheet 5.1A Methods Exercise

BSHS 452 WEEK 3 Worksheet 5.1A Methods Exercise

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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BSHS 452 WEEK 3 Worksheet 5.1A Methods Exercise


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Complete Worksheet 5.1A

Project A: Community Children after school Rec Center

Project B: Family counseling offer to twice a week

Project C: We will start a donate bin where people can donate different House Hold Items to us, and we

can resale them at a lower cost

What is unique about your organization’s projects?

Who else is doing this project? Is there duplication of effort? Can partnership be that will

benefit all organization concerns with this project?

This project address a lot needs with our community. Children not having anywhere to go after school because their partners are at work, but can’t afford after school programs or daycare. There will be different resources available to families that have low incomes; which a large part of this community population.

What members of your community including civic leader, political figure, the media, and your organization client support each project?

1.    Our organization gets different support from the media and Political figure. However we are small organization,.

Does your organization currently have expertise to undertake each project? If new staffs are necessary, can the organization manage growth in personnel effectively?

Is there internal support for the project? External support?