Author: Christine Farr


BST 322 Week 2 AssignmentWhat is the probability of rolling a four in the gambling dice game of craps (given two six sideddice)? Simple Prob.Hint: how many ways can you roll a 4 with 2 dice: there are 3 waysWhat is the probability that a player can roll a four 3 times in a row (assume that rolling the diceeach time does not affect the outcome of the next roll)?Multiply first answer by itself 3 times - cubed2.Population A and Population B both have a mean height of 70.0 inches with an SD of 6.0. Arandom sample of 30 people is picked from population A, and random sample of 50 people isselected from Population B. Which sample mean will probably yield a more accurate estimateof its population mean? Why?Hint : No calculation – use CLT - know the definition on page 893.Suppose we obtained data on vein size after application of a nitroglycerin ointment in a sample of50 patients. The mean vein size is found to be 8.7mm with an SD of 2.1. Using a t distributiontable, what are the confidence limits for a 95% confidence interval? For a 99% confidence interval?Hint: Use one sample t-test with Summary Data4.In a pilot study evaluating the use of a new drug to lower resting heart rates (HR) of patients, thefollowing data was recorded:Subject # Resting HR0017200288003710048700564006770077900859009770106801178012890139101481015850167501769

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