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Buddhist Art and Architecture in China

Buddhist Art and Architecture in China

Author: Aleisha Olson
This lesson will explore the art and architecture of Buddhism in China.
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Introduction to Art History

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Notes on "Buddhist Art and Architecture in China"


Terms to Know

Silk Road

A modern term that refers to the trade routes that linked Asia with the Mediterranean.


Someone who is capable of achieving enlightenment, but who is motivated by great compassion to assist others in their spiritual development.


In Buddhism, an artistic grouping of three characters, usually Buddha in the center flanked by two bodhisattvas, but there could be some variation.

Amida Buddha

Principal Buddha in the Pure Land sect, practiced primarily in East Asia, and known for longevity and possessing unlimited merits from good works over many past lives.


Also known as nirvana, the highest state of spiritual being in Buddhism, characterized primarily by a complete lack of worldly desire.


A Chinese tower with multiple tiers and a bracketed wooden roof. It is based loosely on the idea of an Indian stupa.



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