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Building a Collaborative Classroom in Google®

Building a Collaborative Classroom in Google®

Author: Angie Kalthoff

Write good, measurable learning objectives to incorporate into your Google lesson being built in
Create a lesson plan for the activity that will be performed in the classroom.
Align the lesson objectives to the activity that uses a Google tool.
Cover the different types of activities a teacher can use to assess their Google lesson.
Add lesson objectives/summary into the material being created.

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Building a Collaborative Classroom

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Collaborating in Sophia

Use the Question and Answer feature at the bottom of your Sophia tutorial to encourage class collaboration.

Google Story Builder

An explanation of how Google Story Builder can be used in your classroom.

Collaborating in Drive

Collaborating in Google+

This video walks through how to create a Google Community, how to participate in Google Hangouts on Air and Google Hangouts.

Extend Your Learning (Optional)

Watch Sharing in Google Docs to further your understanding of sharing happens in Google Drive.

Visit iste's site for more information on nets for teachers.


Before You Move On

Before you move on to the next tutorial reflect on the following:
How could you use a Google tool to promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students' conceptual understanding and thinking, planning and creative process (1.c) and participate in local and global earning communities to explore creative applications of technology to improve student learning. (5.a)

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