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Building a PLN via Twitter!

Building a PLN via Twitter!


Objective 1- To help teachers begin using Twitter

Objective 2- To develop and expand your Professional Learning Network

Objective 3- To understand the basics of Twitter- terms and use

About a year ago I joined Twitter and at first thought it was all about people posting their daily activities.  I was pushed to join by a colleague and I am so glad I made the move.  Twitter has become my go to place for professional development.  It allows for the collaboration of educators from all over the world.  It provides access to resources you would otherwise spend hours looking for.  This tutorial is about getting the most out of Twitter and why you should join.  A beginners guide to using Twitter to expand your Professional Learning Network to grow as an educator.  

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Twitter for Beginners a Guide to Growing Your PLN

This course is about growing your PLN using Twitter to connect with more educators and how to navigate the world of Twitter to learn about educational chats and resources.