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Building an Effective iPad® Lesson

Building an Effective iPad® Lesson

Author: Angie Kalthoff

Recognize how using iPad® applications with students will change the way they will teach and meet the needs of diverse learners.

Evaluate various iPad® and other device applications and demonstrate several examples.

Summarize best practices when using personal devices to integrate project base learning and other collaborative activities.

Understand how personal devices can provide an environment for individualized learning.

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Building a Collaborative Lesson

Building a Collaborative Lesson

Template for tracking engagement

This is a template I used when tracking student engagement while using iPods in my classroom. I wrote down what I observed students doing and saying.


App use chart

This is the template I used to chart apps used by students. I was able to compare their bi weekly fluency tests with the apps they used that week to see which apps had the most influence in their scores.


Before you move on...


  1. Think about what you can do to move to the next level of technology integration.
  2. Begin the process of designing templates you will use in your classroom to help organize app use.