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Author: Sylvia Ramirez

Today you will learn to recognize, prevent, and handle bullying.

ASCA Standards:  Personal /Social Domain

Competency A2: Acquire Interpersonal Skills

  PS:A2.1  recognize that everyone has rights and responsibilities

  PS:A2.3  recognize, accept, respect and appreciate individual differences

  PS:A2.7  know that communication involves speaking, listening, and nonverbal behavior

Grade Level: 4 - 8

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Types of Bullying

Read about the different types of bullying.


How do you prevent bullying?

Watch this video to learn how you can become and UPSTANDER and prevent bullying.

Arthur and Friends Prevent Bullying

Watch and learn how to prevent bullying in certain situations at school. PBS Distribution has provided The Rock Father ( with this preview from PBS KIDS to share with you! Visit to learn more!

Big Question?????

After viewing all parts of this tutorial about bullying, answer this question on a sheet of paper.

What can you tell your friend about the the types of bullying and how to prevent bullying in school?

Source: Mrs. Ramirez