Author: Kayla Dunn

ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: Category 2 (2) - Create positive and supportive relationships with other students. 

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Introduction to Psychology

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The BIG Question..

After looking into the three resources provided and answering the 4 quiz questions individually, I would like for you to pair up into groups of 5 to collaborate and answer this question:

What are the steps you should take when responding to Bullying? List each step and include a brief description in order to show your understanding of the material. Once you have completed this, turn in your hand written response to me with your group members names listed on the page.

Video on Bullying - The Cyberbullying Virus

Bullying Flyer - Created by Kayla Dunn

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Website: StopBullying.gov

Visit this webpage for more information: CLICK HERE