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Bullying Unit Book Talk ELA 8.1

Bullying Unit Book Talk ELA 8.1

Author: Nichole Carter

During the bullying lit circle unit, students will be working on mastery of 8.RL.2 & 8.RL.3 (with a major focus on character analysis)

In tonight's video students will be listening to the book options, and decided on their top three choices.

The 12 novels provided for this unit all center around the theme or idea of bullying or being an outcast. The students will go through a book talk with me and decide on what book looks the best for them.

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1. Sign into Sophia

2. Read through the slides, and write down at least 3 of your top choices of books.

**If you want to watch the video where I actually talk about each book and go through my own opinions you are welcome to! It is below your slides.

3. Fill out the digital WSQ.

Read through the slides and take notes on your top three choices.

Digital WSQ