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Bullying/Coping Skills

Bullying/Coping Skills

Author: Jules R. Nunez

Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

PS:A1.6: Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Standard B: Students will make decisions, set goals and take necessary

action to achieve goals.

PS:B1.4 Develop effective coping skills for dealing with problems

Standard C: Students will understand safety and survival skills.

PS:C1.11 Learn coping skills for managing life events

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Watch this powerful video on bullying. Reflect on what you see then take the quiz.

Source: Take A Stand - Anti Bullying Video. (2013, February 13). Retrieved October 3, 2015, from

Coping Skills

There are two links below. After viewing both links, write a one page reflection paper on resilience and stress. Please include some of your own concerns or struggles you are dealing with in school. How are you coping?

Click on this link to read the poem The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Click on this link to watch a video on Teens and Stress

Source: The rose that grows from the concrete. (n.d.). Retrieved September 26, 2015, from; Teens Talk About Stress. (2013, January 3). Retrieved September 26, 2015, from

Coping Skills

Learning different coping skills. Group activities and videos are included in slideshow.

Source: *See Presentation