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BUS 250 week 4 complete

BUS 250 week 4 complete

Author: Melissa Montoya

BUS 250 week 4 complete

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BUS 250 Week 4 Assignment Case Study Vidding - Free Expression or Copyright Piracy

Case Study: Vidding -- Free Expression or Copyright Piracy?

Read Case Study Vidding -- Free Expression or Copyright Piracy?at the end of Chapter 13 in your text. In one to two pages, supported by evidence from your text and from other research, respond to the following questions:

Using the ethical criteria introduced in Chapter 4 (utilitarianism, rights, and justice), is the creating and uploading of vids to the Internet simply an ethical expression of one’s free speech, or is it an infringement of intellectual property? Where do you draw the line when using material found on the 

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