Author: Christine Farr

Similar to other top-level managers, public relations managers need to

According to a 2008 survey, which of the following is true today about the practice of public relations in the United States?

For agencies, budgeting relies on which of the following?

The section of a public relations plan that provides an overview is referred to as

Professors James Grunig and Todd Hunt said public relations practitioners perform what organizational theorists call a(n) ________ role.

The budget Arnold Communications had for an anti-smoking public education campaign was

Public relations counseling opportunities are likely to grow in which of the following nonprofit areas?

For the public relations function to be equal in stature to other management functions, which of the following is essential?

For public relations to be the "conscience of the corporation," practitioners must

Advantages agencies often have over in-house public relations talent include

Among various duties, which of the following would likely be done by public affairs people?

Public relations professionals who support the primary business of the organization are in ________ positions.

PERT and Gantt are tools that can help public relations practitioners use to

The "boundary role" concept

The overriding rule when it comes to agency budgeting is to

An organization's social responsibility image is often determined by

A 2007 survey of teenagers conducted by Junior Achievement and Deloitte found

What impacts the ethical state of electronic journalism?

Which of the various ethical models in your text does PRSA endorse?

Which ethical core value would practitioners demonstrate if they sought information even for a rude reporter?

The essence of corporate social responsibility is

The two-way communication model for ethics

As the "conscience" of an organization, public relations practitioners

The cardinal rule of public relations is

Which of the following is at the heart of the ethical practice of public relations?

Who said that "an organization is the lengthened shadow of a ..." person?

The enlightened self-interest model for ethical practice is based on the principle of

Which of the following indicates the degree to which an organization is socially responsible?

The "golden mean" of moral virtue advocates

The "golden rule" prescribes

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