BUS-302 QUIZ 10

BUS-302 QUIZ 10

Author: Christine Farr


Which of the following is NOT a kind of cost associated with maintaining an inventory?

In TQM terms, ____ is an organizational goal to provide products or deliver services that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

The easier it is to maintain a working product or fix a broken product, the more ____ that product appears.\

____ productivity is a measure of performance that indicates how much of a particular kind of input it takes to produce an output.

____ is a measure of performance that indicates how many inputs it takes to produce or create an output.

Which of the following is NOT a kind of inventory a manufacturer would keep in stock?

The American Society for Quality defines quality as ____.

The three principles that characterize TQM are continuous improvement, customer focus and satisfaction, and ____.

The average time between breakdowns (for machinery) is referred to as ___?

____ is the number of times per year that a company sells or replaces its average inventory.

____ is a ticket-based system that indicates when to reorder inventory.

This is a description of what happened to a patron at Royal Mail (the United Kingdom’s equivalent of the USPS). "In the 15 minutes I waited in line, during which I shuffled forward one yard and two places, I had ample opportunity to watch what the other three staff were doing. They were busy all right, but the main task was counting each stamp in their folders. In this vital work, two of the three were overseen by another member of staff. There was no eye contact with the waiting customers." Assuming this experience is typical, the Royal Mail needs to engage in ____.

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