BUS 302 QUIZ 2 (7)

BUS 302 QUIZ 2 (7)

Author: Christine Farr


____ involves managing the daily production of goods and services.

Organizations operate in two kinds of complex environments. They are ____.

According to Henri Fayol's fourteen principles of management, ____ requires that each employee should report to and receive orders from just one boss.

As defined by Weber, the goal of bureaucracy is to ____.

At about the same time as management theorists were developing scientific management principles in the United States, Max Weber was in Europe developing ____.

According to Mary Parker Follett, if managers use ____ to settle or reduce conflict, each of the parties involved give up some of what they want.

According to Chester Barnard, for many managerial requests or directives, there is a zone of indifference. A zone of indifference ____.

The Hawthorne Studies showed how ____ can influence work group performance, for better or worse.

According to Mary Parker Follett, ____ is an approach for dealing with conflict in which one party satisfies its desires and objectives at the expense of the other party's desires and objectives.

How did the Industrial Revolution change jobs and organizations?

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