Author: Christine Farr


A cosmetics company that is considering entering the South American market would be especially interested in the discretionary income within that region. In other words, which of the following would be a determining factor in its global strategy?

A country or region that has an attractive business climate for companies that want to go global has ____.

Global business is defined as____.

Historically, most companies have used the ____ to successfully enter foreign markets.

To protect its farmers, Japan put limitations on the amount of mushrooms and leeks that could be imported into Japan from China. This limitation is an example of a(n) ____.

____ are long-term, low-interest loans, cash grants, and tax deductions used to develop and protect companies or special industries.

Nestlé is a company headquartered in Switzerland with manufacturing plants in Columbia, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Kenya, and more than 90 other nations. Nestlé is an example of a ____.

Several Arab countries boycott Coca-Cola products because the soft-drink company maintains product distributors in Israel. This boycott is an example of ____.

____ is a method of investment in which a company builds a new business or buys an existing business in a foreign country.

____ is the set of shared values and beliefs that affects the perceptions, decisions, and behavior of people from a particular country.

____ occurs when a company sells domestically produced products to customers in foreign countries.

In 2000, the United States imposed a tax on all steel imports in an effort to protect about 5,000 jobs. This tax is an example of a(n) ____.

As Malta got ready for its admittance into the European Union (EU), all taxes on the importation of goods manufactured in Malta were eliminated. Malta was preparing to become part of a(n) ____.

Protectionism is the use of trade barriers to protect local companies and their workers from ____.

Fran Wilson Creative Cosmetics is a medium-sized U.S. company that sells 1.5 million tubes of its lipstick annually in Japan. It has no physical presence within the country beyond the fact its products are sold there. Fran Wilson Creative Cosmetics uses ____ to reach the Japanese market.

One of the key assumptions underlying the chain of command is ____, which means that workers should report to just one supervisor.

____ is characterized by simple, easy-to-learn steps; low variety; and high repetition.

____ is a feeling of intrinsic motivation, in which workers perceive their work to have meaning and perceive themselves to be competent, having an impact, and capable of self-determination.

A manufacturer of acrylic and latex gloves sells to medical laboratories, to factories where employees handle chemicals, to companies that manufacture micro-tech equipment, and to cleaning services. Because it is organized to better satisfy the needs of each of its four target markets, the manufacturer uses ____ departmentalization.

____ is the collection of activities that transform inputs into outputs that customer’s value.

In terms of the chain of command, ____ authority is the right to command immediate subordinates, while ____ authority is the right to advise but not command others who are not subordinates.

The Ryerson University Library is organized in a hierarchy with six unit heads reporting to a chief librarian. Within these units are fifteen librarians and forty-seven full-time library staff. One of the tools used in the organizational development of the library was to systematically move employees from one job to another to give them an opportunity to learn and use different skills. The Ryerson University Library used 

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