BUS 302 QUIZ 6

BUS 302 QUIZ 6

Author: Christine Farr


Which of the following leadership theories uses a decision tree to determine the appropriate level of participation by subordinates in decision-making?

Research at three universities has confirmed that two basic leader behaviors, ____ and ____, are central to successful leadership.

Which of the following is another term for initiating structure leadership behavior?

Which of the following traits refers to the tendency of leaders to remain even-tempered and consistent in their outlook and the way they treat others even when things go wrong?

____ generates awareness and acceptance of a group's purpose and mission and gets employees to see beyond their own needs and self-interest for the good of the group.

In terms of leadership behavior, the term ____ refers to the extent to which a leader is friendly, approachable, supportive, and shows concern for employees.

Which one of the following traits refers to high levels of effort and is characterized by achievement, motivation, ambition, energy, tenacity, and initiative?

Which of the following is another term for considerate leadership behavior?

Which of the following is an example of a situational theory of leadership?

According to the path-goal theory of leadership, ____ involves consulting employees for their suggestions and input before making decisions.

The founder and CEO of a medical products distributor, establishes ambitious goals for his employees and is confident that they will be able to achieve these goals. In terms of the path-goal theory, this founder and CEO is exhibiting a(n) ____ type of leadership.

According to the path-goal theory of leadership, what leadership style involves being friendly and approachable to employees, showing concern for them and their welfare, treating them as equals, and creating a friendly climate.

____is the process of influencing others to achieve group or organizational goals.

Leaders who possess the trait of ____ are more decisive and assertive and more likely to gain others' confidence.

____ is the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and work with others to initiate change that will create a positive future for the organization.

The ____ states that we all have a basic need to understand and explain the causes of other people's behavior.

____ is the process by which individuals attend to, organize, interpret, and retain information from their environments.

In nonverbal communication, the term ____ refers to movements of the body and face.

Jergen Lindegaart is the chief executive of SAS Scandinavian Airlines. When he explained to stockholders why SAS was withdrawing from a joint venture with another company, he was engaged in ____.

In the perceptual process, ____ is the process of noticing or becoming aware of particular stimuli.

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