BUS 309 QUIZ 1 (1)

BUS 309 QUIZ 1 (1)

Author: Christine Farr


Sound arguments:

In a scenario in which an employee believes his actions at work won't make a difference, we see the effects of:

Which of the following is a reason someone might want to reject ethical relativism?

Which of the following make the effects of diffusion of responsibility more likely to occur?

Our relationship with the law and morality is best described by which of the following?

Consider the following argument: 

Which of the following best defines the concept of moral progress?

An argument that presents a defensible moral judgment must:

If a manager within a company refuses to consider legitimate arguments against some company policy or practice, this is evidence that ___________ is affecting the business's operations.

Arguments that have conclusions that express moral judgments are:

Which of the following best defines ethics?

Which of the following is true of sound arguments?

All the following are true of all arguments EXCEPT:

Which of the following is not true of counterexamples?

Which of the following best defines conscience?

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