BUS 309 QUIZ 10

BUS 309 QUIZ 10

Author: Christine Farr


In 1987, the Supreme Court affirmed, in the case of Johnson v. Transportation Agency, that

Advocates of "comparable worth"

There are two legal types of sexual harassment:

Male managers frequently assume that women

Today most large corporations not only accept the necessity of affirmative action but also find that _______________ benefits when they make themselves more diverse?

Of these four arguments, which of the following is the most plausible argument FOR affirmative action?

Opponents of comparable worth insist which one of these ideas support their position?

Of these four arguments, which of the following is the most plausible argument AGAINST affirmative action?

What do affirmative action programs involve?

What should a female employee do if she encounters sexual harassment?

According to Shaw and Barry, companies clearly have what kind of obligation to provide a work environment in which employees are free from sexual harassment?

Many Americans oppose what issue because they fear it will lead to illegal quotas, preferential treatment of African Americans and women, and even reverse discrimination against white men?

One message that sexual harassment conveys is that managers view women as

The 1984 Supreme Court decision in Memphis Firefighters v. Stotts

To answer the question of who determines what is objectionable or offensive in sexual harassment, the courts use what kind of hypothetical person?

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