BUS 309 QUIZ 2

BUS 309 QUIZ 2

Author: Christine Farr


A key idea of Immanuel Kant's ethical theory is that:


Imagine a shopkeeper who is honest because being honest is good for business. When the shopkeeper refrains from cheating a customer, Kant would say this action

The statement that best defines rights is

A practical basis for discussing moral issues involves taking account of

Egoism as a psychological theory

According to Kant

For those who are trying to make moral decisions,

According to the utilitarian theory, an action is morally right if and only if

Utilitarianism is appealing as a standard for moral decision making in business. Which of the following provides a reason for this?

Nonconsequentialists like Ross believe that

Which of the following represents a utilitarian belief?

"If you want to go to law school, then you must take the LSAT exam." This statement is an example of

Utilitarians believe that

If you adopt ethical egoism as your moral code, then

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