BUS 309 QUIZ 7

BUS 309 QUIZ 7

Author: Christine Farr


In union terms, a direct strike occurs

According to David Ewing,

The Wagner Act of 1935

Tests are designed to measure the applicants’ skills in verbal, quantitative, and

Austin Fagothey and Milton Gonsalves believe a direct strike is justified

The hiring process needs to include screening, testing, and

The key moral ideal in promotions is

Since Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1994,

Which of these is a valid reason for not hiring a potential employee?

Griggs v. Duke Power Company, which prohibits

Of the four types of discharge, firing

Fair personnel policies and decisions must be based on criteria that are clear, job related, and

To be successful any test used by a corporation must be

According to common law, to legally dismiss an employee, an employer

In the interview process, the interview should avoid rudeness, coarseness, condescension, and

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